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GeoExplo Ltda. Curriculum

Santiago Chile


  • solving integrated geophysical and geological problems
  • active in the geosciences community
  • multi-method airborne data processing and interpretation
  • geophysical data processing software development
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Safety

Immersed in potential field, EM and radiometric data collection, equipment development, quality control, processing, enhancement and interpretation since the early 1970's. Owner/manager of the third largest geophysical airborne survey company in the world until its sale in 2000.

Ted has over 37 years of experience in geophysics, during which time he has been involved in field surveys/operations/management, data quality , safety, data enhancement, compilation and interpretation for various projects throughout the world. Ted was an owner and president of High-Sense Geophysics Ltd. (the third largest geophysical airborne survey company in the world until it was sold to Fugro N.V at the beginning of 2000) and one of three partners in the geophysical consulting company Urquhart Dvorak Limited. He is now the owner of New-Sense Geophysics Limited conducting airborne geophysical surveys world wide. He has participated in projects as diverse as oil basin studies, mineral and diamond exploration and radioactive satellite fragment recovery and was actively involved in the development of several EM systems (HeliTEM, Quantem and AFEM). Academically, Ted has conducted research into the correlation of magnetic anomalies with geological factors on both a large and small scale. Several of his publications are frequently quoted in the scientific literature. Ted consults with clients, manages projects, provides quality control services, processes and interprets EM, magnetic and radiometric data, and trains foreign geotechnical personnel. He is actively involved in the geoscientific community and was a director and past VP of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. Ted also developed many of the processing and interpretation strategies in common use today including filtering, inversion and anomaly enhancement routines. Under his management and guidance these ideas formed the core of the software package of Geopak Systems, a division of UDL.

Currently Ted is a Director of CHAPLEAU RESOURCES LTD., SILVER SPRUCE RESOURCES INC. and SHOULDICE HOSPITAL LIMITED as well as the Vise President of South American exploration for Global Gold Corp. and President of GeoExplo Limitada and New-Sense Geophysics Limited.


Owner and President, New-Sense Geophysics Limited (2005 - present)

Owner and President, GeoExplo Ltda. (2002 - present)

Purchased High-Sense Geophysica Limitada from Fugro Airborne Surveys and changed the name to GeoExplo Ltda. The original company provided only airborne geophysical surveys. The company now specializes in all aspects of airborne geophysical surveys including project management, quality control, safety, interpretation and processing.

Regional Manager (South America), Fugro Airborne surveys (2000-Dec 2001)

After selling High-Sense Geophysics to Fugro NV. at the beginning of 2000 Ted moved to Santiago, Chile to reorganize and set up new offices and operations in South America for Fugro Airborne Surveys in Rio, Lima and Santiago. Duties included overall management of operations, quality control and safety.

Owner and President, High-Sense Geophysics Limited (1993-2000)

Formed High-Sense Geophysics Limited, which quickly grew to become the third largest geophysical survey company in the world based on a reputation of quality and safety. As president Ted managed the company and its operations. As chief quality control officer Ted maintained a special interest in the quality of the operations and data as well as developed systems for maintaining quality and safety.

Urquhart Dvorak Limited (UDL) and Geopak Systems (1984 -1993)

Formed Urquhart Dvorak Limited as well as directed the development of Geopak Systems as a software division. Ted performed processing and interpretation of both ground and airborne electromagnetic, magnetic and radiometric data as well as survey planning, quality control, management and supervision for clients. UDL/Geopak under Ted's direction and supervision also developed software and unique processing procedures as well as training of foreign nationals.

Consulting Geophysicist W.E.S. Urquhart Associates Limited (1980-1984)

Formed W.E.S.Urquhart Associates Limited and development several software packages including contouring, filtering, and inversion. Specialized in interpretation of EM and magnetic data and computer hardware and software installations. Performed detailed theoretical and practical study of pole/equator reduction of magnetic data. Ted was part of the NASA Magsat team responsible for the reduction, analysis and utilization of magnetic information collected by satellite and received the NASA Group Achievement Award for his work with NASA.

Project Geophysicist (1980)

Questor Surveys Limited, Toronto, Canada -- Interpretation of electromagnetic and magnetic airborne surveys for diamond exploration in West Africa and the James Bay Lowlands.

Project Geophysicist (1976-1979)

Northway Survey Corporation, Toronto, Canada -- Duties included field geophysicist and project manager responsible for field operations, quality control and safety. Ted interpreted aeromagnetic and spectrometric data for the countries of Lesotho, Venezuela, Brazil and Upper Volta. Targets included base and precious metals, diamond and oil exploration and regional evaluations. Field geophysicist in charge of the interpretation of airborne spectrometric data for the Soviet COSMOS 914 fragment recovery project.

Project Geophysicist (1970-1976)

Summer projects for Imperial Oil Limited and University of Toronto -- Worked on various projects involving geological and geophysical mapping.

PUBLICATIONS: (Sample only)

"Airborne Magnetic Surveys - Past, Present and Future", Paper presented at the Canadian Exploration Geophysics Society (KEGS) 50th Anniversary Symposium, Toronto, March 2003

"Imaging: Combining Geophysical and Geological Data for Interpretation". Paper presented at the 58th Annual Prospectors & Developers Convention, Toronto, March 1990.

"Compilation of Airborne Geophysical Data on a PC". Paper presented at the CAME (Computer Applications in Mining Exploration) Workshop, Toronto, March, 1990. Co-authored with R. Whitton.

"Enhancement and interpretation of aeromagnetic data from the Beaufort Sea, Mackenzie Delta Region:" 60th Ann. Internat. Mtg., Soc. Expl. Geophys., Expanded Abstracts, 677680. Co-authored with Hopkins, R., 1990

"Reduction to the Pole of the North American magnetic anomalies". Geophysics, 55, no. 2, 1990, p. 218- 225. Co-authored with J. Arkani-Hamed.

"Field examples of controls on Magnetite Content". Paper presented at the 7th Annual ASEG Conference, Melbourne, Australia, September, 1989.

"Archean Iron-rich Tholeiites, Oxygen Fugacity and Bimodal Susceptibility Distribution". Paper presented at 6th Scientific Assembly, Intl. Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, Exeter (UK), July 1989.

"Decorrugation of Enhanced Magnetic Field Maps". Paper presented at the 55th Annual Meeting of SEG, Anaheim, October, 1988.

"Interpretation of an Aeromagnetic Survey of the Qian'an Archean Metamorphic Rock Series in China". In: W.J. Hinze (ed.): The Utility of Regional Gravity and Magnetic Anomaly Maps, SEG, Tulsa, 1985, p.439-449. Co-authored

"Interpretation of Part of an Aeromagnetic Survey in the Matagami Area of Quebec". In: W.J.Hinze (ed.): The Utility of Regional Gravity and Magnetic Anomaly Maps, SEG, Tuisa, 1985, p.426-438. Co-authored with D.W. Strangway.

"Scalar Magnetic Anomalies of Canada and Northern United States Derived from MAGSAT Data". J.Geophys.Res., v.90,1985, p.2599- 2608. Co-authored with J. Arkani-Hamed and D.W. Strangway.

"Delineation of Canadian Sedimentary Basins from MAGSAT Data". Earth and Planetary Sci.Letters, v.70, 1984, p. 1


Ph.D., Geology, University of Toronto(1988)

M.Sc., Geophysics, University of Toronto(1976)

B.Sc., Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo(1974).


Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Geological Association of Canada

Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (1984-1988, Past President)

Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (Director and Past VP)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists


English, Spanish



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